Current Exhibition

St Michael’s Art Competition 2017
17 September – 8 October

St Michael’s Gallery

St Michael’s is known for its contemporary preaching that embraces inner wellbeing.

The St Michael’s Gallery is the visual embodiment of these ideals exhibiting artwork that connects
with the ethos of St Michael’s.

Up Coming Exhibitions

Peter Douglas – Opening Celebrations 11am, Sunday 15 October












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Past Exhibitions

Gratitude – Jane Downing

Vessel – Jackson McLaren

Pathways – Oliver Ashworth-Martin

Strokes and Squiggles – Mariya Rovenko

Under the Sea – Rebecca Coulter, Gina Fishman and Ktie Westle

Ten Thousand Miles – Wendy Hickin

Reflections by Erin Katherine Cookson

Bella Flora featuring Kate Hudson and Celia Moriarty

All Creatures Great and Small featuring Cherry Demir, Nadine Dudek, Clare Dunstan, Sarah Hardy & Claire Turner

Internal World’s by Clair Bremner

2016 St Michael’s Week Art Competition

Hiroshima Peace Day

Blue Series by Casey Freeman

Fruit of the Spirit by Ingrid Wilson

Nothing is Missing by Patsy Worledge

Keep Calm and Continue Caring

Christopher Robert Smith

2015  St Michael’s Week Art Competition

New Space Exhibition