Bella Flora


Celia Moriarty

Kate Hudson

From weeds to exotic blooms, plants are deeply embedded within our lives and have long been an inspiration to artists.

This exhibition celebrates the richness and beauty of the natural world. Featuring work by three Melbourne artists who explore native and non-native flora in all their glory. 

Featuring Kate Hudson and Celia Moriarty.

Kate Hudson trained at Central School of Art & Design in London and immigrated to Australia in 1990. Her background in textile design has led to her richly patterned and decorative prints. She draws influence from Japanese woodblocks, Art Nouveau, the Arts & Crafts Movement and printmakers such as Margaret Preston. Her designs celebrate her love of Australian birds and flowers.

Celia Moriarty
Celia’s artwork focuses on giving Australian flora centre stage. She is self taught and believes in using art to engage with nature. Celia sees Art as helping us to connect with our own narrative of the world and ourselves. Her background in science, masters in change and work in personal development, converge to create a step by step process of creating art in every day life. By connecting her professional career as a communication facilitator and her art practice, her Australian Wildflower tableware and artwork have made their way all over the world.

Opening Celebrations 11am, Sunday 15 January
Exhibition Dates: 15 January – 5 February
Exhibition Hours: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and after Service on Sundays