New Space


New Space - Digital Flier - Title Only

Opening Celebration: Sunday 5 July after the Sunday Service.
Exhibition Dates: Sunday 5 July – Sunday 13 September.

Dr Francis Macnab cut a purple ribbon and declared the new St Michael’s Gallery open during a special celebration on Sunday, 5 July, featuring thirteen artists from the St Michael’s community.

Dr Macnab invited everyone to enjoy the extraordinary presentation of art, delicious cakes made by Heather Martin and champagne in celebration.

As soon as we announced that we were opening a gallery the response from our community was immediate. The many talented artists within the St Michael’s community came forward to be part of this inaugural exhibition. Dr Macnab stated that “as you pass through the exhibition, all the artwork is excellent, all of it, no exception.” He also thanked all the artists who “have shown us that an empty space can suddenly take on colour in the most magnificent manner.”

“This exhibition gives pleasure, and beyond pleasure there is a good purpose – it shows that St Michael’s is generating newness, new ideas and new programs.”

We would like to thank the following exhibiting artists for their dedication to this fantastic exhibition: Wilmore Bajada, Barbara Bateman, June Furness, Dr George Galanis, Ken Gosbell, Robyn Horton, Ronald Muller, Stephen Ngaa, Eric Anthony Phillips, Rose Rokicki, Josephine Telfer, Ingrid Wilson and Patsy Worledge.

The exhibition will run until Sunday 13 September and is open to the public during business hours and after Sunday Service. If you are interested in purchasing any of the artwork on display please contact the office on 9654 5120.