Ten Thousand Miles – Wendy Hickin



Wendy Hickin is a Sunshine Coast based artist who was born in Central Queensland and grew up appreciating natures’ colours, open spaces and natural beauty. 

She enjoys working with the richness and depth of oil paints and the freedom of watercolour; painting the wisdom, understanding and knowledge in the eyes of her inspiring portraits.

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Opening Celebrations: 11am, Sunday 5 March
Exhibition Dates: 5 March – 26 March
Exhibition Hours: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and after Service on Sundays


Artist Wendy Hickin in her studio creating paintings for her St Michael’s Gallery Exhibition

Wendy talks about her process

I like to ensure that the underdrawing is as accurate as possible. I find this is the most crucial part of the painting.

Once I start painting, I work in small sections, mixing all the colours that are needed for that particular area beforehand. Then I blend the paint removing any sharp lines and I add the fine detail after the section is dry. When I am satisfied that the painting is complete, I take a photo of the work. I feel this gives me a good perspective to examine the proportions and detail that need to be corrected.

“Boy with the New Shoes” is the only watercolour in the exhibition. The wet sepia wash seems to work to give that old world look. Acrylic and pastel have also been added to create depth and light.

My work is quite eclectic, and over the years I have enjoyed working with all mediums. However, in my recent work, I have been exploring oils because of the depth and richness of colour that can be achieved.