Internal Worlds – Clair Bremner



Internal Worlds is a collection of paintings inspired by nature and the cycle of time. The small worlds of overlapping foliage show depth and details that are not noticed fully until you approach the works closely. This is a reflection of my own inner struggle, the constant tug of war between being an introvert and wanting to be left alone – while simultaneously wanting to reach out and connect with people and maintain meaningful relationships.

Clair Bremner is a contemporary artist living and working in the picturesque Warburton, in the Yarra Valley. Largely self-taught, Clair has been developing her style of expressive abstract paintings for over 10 years. Inspired by the natural tangle of vegetation found in and around the Australian sub-alpine bush, Clair’s work has both a timeless and modern feel to it. Clair’s unique and imaginative representation of the natural world is both whimsical and compelling to look at. Working in acrylic on canvas, she builds up layers of colour and pattern to create paintings that are full of vibrancy and depth.

Clair sells her original artworks via select retail outlets, commercial galleries and online stores both within Australia and overseas.

Website : www.clairbremnerart.cominternalworldone



Opening Celebrations: 11.30am, Sunday 16 October
Gallery Dates: 16 October – 20 November