Jackson McLaren – Vessel


Opening Celebrations 11am, Sunday 23 July

We are delighted to showcase the bright and bold artwork of Melbourne artist Jackson Mclaren


Jackson McLaren’s current daily landscape is the Darebin Creek trail near his home in Thornbury. Most days he walks along the track that leads to the parklands in Alphington. In doing so this has become part of his practice as a painter. A chance to be in nature in our urban environment and a place to let thoughts unravel.

The colour, shape and movement that creates the image is an inward looking reflection of the landscape. A personal meandering that celebrates the day to day. Using layer upon layer of acrylic paint, recurring motifs start to emerge: repetitive spots, vessels, flowing forms and windows like stained glass. Peering in is a chance to view the history of what is covered and what is shown.

Simple scratch backs are lyrical, letting the imagination off to roam. In a constant balancing act of well worn tracks, colour clashes and mark making an organic abstract grid starts to form.