Coracle of Caring

The Coracle of Caring Thoughts
Cares from the Congregation

Opening of Programs 2016 and Coracle - Photo by Erin Cookson (7)

Tell us how you are going to care in 2016:

  • I will forgive quickly
  • To continue to campaign for the release of children from detention. To urge the government to show compassion and cease their cruelty.
  • By remembering all the good words Dr Macnab has spoken.
  • With compassion and empathy – for my family, for my friends, for the people who come, often in distress to the Family Court (where I volunteer). And self care, too.
  • Reconnect and support family and Dad who has dementia.
  • Give un-resentful, open and generous care to those around me. To care for myself.
  • To extend my caring not just for myself, family, friends, neighbours but include the community around me and afar. To open my hearth and have no expectations, judgement or criticism.
  • To listen to others needs.
  • To be a better listener. By taking much better care of myself. Visiting the sick and the lonely and helping in practical ways – using my love of cooking to provide meals for those whom it would help.
  • Do a little more for St Michael’s tours.
  • Work on my listening skills. Work on my empathy.
  • Encouraging others to care of themselves first (to overflowing) to allow caring for others to come naturally and easily.
  • Listening to others. Taking part in a trial for dementia. Caring for solos, old, young and sick and healthy.
  • Develop empathy – look for more opportunities to be kind.
  • Look beyond the “I’m fine’ stock answer. Do some random secret acts of kindness. Show more love.
  • In my ongoing work as a GP as a GP for the many people I see to the best of my ability. For my family including the new granddaughter we will welcome this year.
  • Visit mental health and eating disorders with my labradoodle, a highly trained Delta Therapy dog. Listen more generously, tenderly and mindfully to family and friends.
  • To be more conscious of my future caring time.
  • To learn to take enough time to call/speak to those who needs my care/love/interest. Focus on those also are in my immediate circle first.
  • Help all my flock be as great as they can, and not crush them with worries.
  • Support and visit 93 year old aunt in country. I work in disability care and do two sleepovers for an autistic man. Support and care for my dearest friends.
  • I care for my brother who was born disabled mentally and is now physically disable as well. I also care for my daughter who is sick.
  • I need to do a bit of self care before I start caring for anyone. I feel lousy.
  • Try to keep a balance in all aspects of life-body mind and spirit – so to be better able to help others.
  • Be aware, to respond to any needs of those around me (and myself!)
  • I will endeavour to practice each sermon through that week I will firstly train myself to care for myself. Secondly I shall put “guilt” in the past.
  • I am going to meet the tea duty team for ‘catch up’ chats throughout the year.
  • I will show I care by doing whatever it takes to bring smiles to people’s faces throughout 2016. The world has become a very serious place.
  • As Chair of Co-ID recruitment I will oversee the staffing of 45 kinders and schools in Bangladesh. Shining Future will support our boys in orphanages and unis in Nepal. This year one commences medicine which requires a huge financial commitment from us. Love, nurture my family.
  • I care for St Michael’s ageing congregation. Let it not die with them.
  • I wish to continue to bring colour and care into lives around me hopefully!
  • I further I am very loyal to all my friends. I am concerned if any of my friends are not well or unhappy – I would take them aside and have a conversation.
  • I have taken ‘things’ on as they came in my path…an Afghan refugee needing 2 years of free accommodation while finishing high school…offering extensive use of my tennis court as needed…opening my home for overnight (2-5 nights) to youth groups, 8-20 at a time. Sometimes it is a big challenge, but I am alive and turning 75 next week.
  • Spread the good word that all are acceptable.
  • Think about others. Pay it forward as much as possible. More time for family.
  • Consideration –  Anticipation – Respect – Encourage
  • Get my priorities ordered, be kinder and less lazy! Learn to deal with my feelings of rage and sorrow at how people treat their citizens and our planet and get on with making things better.
  • Turning lights off. Recycle paperworks or anything possible.