How We Can Re-Find Our Lost Resilience and Vitality

Notes on the Sunday address by Dr Francis Macnab, 7 February 2016.
By John Abbate.


When a person becomes disconnected from life’s energy and harmony, what can they do?

In this address, Dr Macnab explores the loss of vitality as a symptom of disconnection. When you become disconnected from what you once were, from the dreams you once held, from those lively energies of youth, from the varied sources of vitality and their soothing influence, what can you do?

Is it possible to get reconnected?

Dr Macnab thinks it is possible. But first, what is vitality? How is it expressed? Emotional vitality is “life’s positive energy; the behaviour of anticipation and enjoyment; animation and affirmation in your relationships; a lively fantasy of the future; a sense of resilience, thriving and flourishing.”

Restoring lost vitality is a matter of finding new pathways that reconnect us with life’s positive energy and the sources of flourishing. In our mental habits, “we can become so fused with our negative pathways that we become personally hurtful, socially harmful; that we quickly forget, or evade, the positive pathways that are waiting for us…”

We need some reminders, some new points of connection, a way forward out of our malaise. Dr Macnab expands on four main points of connection with emotional vitality that might serve that purpose:

  1. Emotional vitality comes from a connection with the deeper parts of our brain…with the softer, soothing, strengthening aspects of the inner self.
  2. Emotional vitality comes from renewed connections with positive pathways, “out there, in here, between each other.”
  3. Emotional vitality can come from a connection with good causes. “Giving and getting in balance.”
  4. Emotional vitality can come from a connection with the fire in your soul. At unexpected moments, a spark may appear. The unconscious energies are there, waiting to be rekindled.

For a complete discussion of these points of connection and more, watch the address:

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