Marriage Equality in Australia

Executive Minister of St Michael’s Uniting Church, Melbourne’s largest Uniting Church, Rev Ric Holland responds to the growing discussion in parliament of marriage equality over the weekend.

And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. – 1 Corinthians 13:13

“All couples, regardless of gender or sexual orientation, should have the right to celebrate their commitment to one another publicly.

Parliament needs to stop fighting over this vitally important issue; the discrimination of LGBTI people’s needs to stop, for social justice to prevail. It is time to remove discrimination from the Marriage Act once and for all.

I, along with many in the church, agree with the overwhelming majority of Australians who believe that everybody should have equal access to express their love to their partner through marriage.

We at St Michael’s Uniting Church believe that it is time for the church to stand up for people who are marginalised; to be constructive rather than destructive and to break down barriers rather than build walls.

It time for the church to be a “be a light for the world.”

Love is love, and it is the greatest.”

Rev Ric Holland

Executive Minister

St Michael’s Uniting Church

5 comments on “Marriage Equality in Australia”

  1. Simon Mc says:

    Thanks Rev. Ric for your considered words. It is good to see other Christian voices on this topic apart from the so called “Australian Christian Lobby”
    The New Zealand Parliament legislated for SSM in 2013 by a free vote: 77 to 44 with substantial numbers of centre right MP’s voting for it including the PM at the time John Key.
    We are probably closest to NZ culturally of any country in the World and they seem to have accepted and fluorished no problems at all.

    Wrt one of the looniest reasons given not to legislate: because our Asian Neighbours would reduce or boycott trade with us is total rubbish. NZ is doing very well in the Asia Pacific region trade wise.

    Time for the PM and Lib caucus to show some intestinal fortitude and make a free vote in the Parliaments term a reality!

    1. Alan Z says:

      Please notice the complete distrust of Australian voters by both the gay lobby and politicians, why don’t they want to know the real views of the Australian voting public, is it because they sense the polls have been doctored to tell another unsupported story?, What could be a more accurate poll than asking every voter for a view?

  2. Alan Z says:

    Rev Ric should quit his position and admit to all that he does not believe in the message of the Bible or the commands given within it!
    He, along with a minority of brazen attention seekers are still a very small minority trying to force their views onto the majority of Australians.
    Please don’t try to use the argument that the “polls” show majority support for gay marriage, do you know anyone how has been polled by a genuine unbiased pollster, I have a fairly large circle of friends and acquaintances, NONE of them have ever been polled on this subject !

  3. wes james says:

    Surely marriage equality includes the right to marry someone below the legal age or a close family relative. If marriage is between any two people who love each other then this should be allowed also.
    Would there be the same enthusiasm for a free parliamentary vote if it was known that a majority of members opposed same sex marriage. A touch of hypocrisy here.

  4. Jasmine @ Heart in says:

    Beautiful! Thank so much. Especially if we call ourselves Christians we should be supportive of two people wanting to commit to a life of love and faithfulness together in a world where these things are rare or seen as passe. As Pink put it, wouldnt it be great when we can finally stop talking about “gay marriage” and just talk about “happy marriage.”

    God bless and strengthen your hearts. Never mind if anyone, including brothers and sisters in Dad’s Household, call us crazy.
    One day we will fully understand/embody and activate the last part of the Galatians 5:22-23, which is so often overlooked:
    “…against these things there is No Law.”

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