Our Ten Point Charter

  1. We stand in awe as we realise we are part of a vast and colourful creation and earth itself, only one part of an immense and complex solar system.
  2. We stand in awe as we realise we are part of a myriad of generations searching the mysteries and meaning of life and creation, continually reaching beyond the immediate experience to a wider, deeper context to understand what is meant by the God who is beyond us.
  3. We stand in awe as we realise the rich traditions of ritual and religion, of learning and wisdom, of language and music that are our heritage.
  4. We stand in awe as we realise the vast and varied content of the literature of faith and
    hope that is ours, and especially as we find it in the Old and New Testaments of the bible.
  5. We stand in awe of the vision of Jesus Christ, portrayed in the New Testament as the symbol of the new being – of a better human being and a better human society, and the respect and acceptance of diversity and difference.
  6. We stand in awe that human beings and human communities are transformed as they realise they are fully accepted by God, and are expanded and enriched by the spirit of hope and beauty, of compassion and love, of strength and joy reflecting the gift of life of the good sprit in the world
  7. We believe people find enrichment and inspiration, strength and support in discovering their common belonging and the pursuit of health and happiness, wholeness and well-being for all.
  8. We are committed to the continual renewal of the church, to the ways in which it can contribute to humanity in a diversity of ways and circumstance, and to the ways in which the resources of religion can enhance health, tolerance, understanding and well-being.
  9. We are encouraged, affirmed and inspired by the legend of St Michael, and pledge ourselves to the great causes of the prevention of violence, destructiveness and waste in society, the promotion of healthy enriching lives and relationships and the search for the sacred.
  10. We believe that the best expressions of human responsibility and immortality will be seen in the kind of world one generation will pass onto the next.