Current Pillars of St Michael’s


Gladys Barker
With Gratitude

Paul and Sandra Fowler
In Gratitude for St Michael’s and Dr Macnab

Heather & Ron Martin & Family
St Michael’s so Good So Special for so Long.

In Loving Memory of Max Nelson
Deacon and Elder of St Michael’s
1951 – 2010
A Family Presence from 1857

In Memory of Mrs Isabel Marguerite Garrett
For her Love, Inspiration, Wisdom and Courage
Mother of Dr Margaret Garrett

The Smeeth Family
With Gratitude

In Loving Memory of
John Arthur Lewis Hart
1937 – 2014

Rev. Bonnie Bradley
In Gratitude for a Life of Care for Others
1926 – 2014

Marie McVeigh
With Gratitude

In Loving Memory of
Abe and Gwen Grutzner
1911 – 2003

In Loving Memory of Hannah Bedford-Lee
A Granddaughter Taken Too Soon
1990 – 2008

Judy and Ian McNally
With Gratitude

Marilyn and Norm Cobain and Family
A Place for Nurturing the Soul
1976 – 2015

Catharine McKean
Her Joy Came from Selflessness
1956 – 2014

Marlene Drysdale
In Gratitude for this Place of Solace and Peace

Donald, Sonia, Alex & Emily Marshall
Opportunity & Enthusiasm Helps Everybody Everyday
Celebrate Life

Laurence Frederick L’Estrange
With Gratitude

Kay and Klaus Wiegel
With Profound Gratitude

Sylvia Rhodes
With Gratitude

In Fond Memory of
Patsy Stubbs
1927 – 2015

In Gratitude for the Ministry of Dr Francis Macnab
and the Inspiration to Live Joyfully.
Judy Bruce