St Michael’s Medallion


Each year, St Michael’s Uniting Church presents two individuals with ‘The St Michael’s Medallions’ in recognition of their outstanding contribution to the community.

The award is designed to recognise individuals whose work assists in the prevention of violence, trauma and destructiveness or alternatively, promotes growth, health and wellbeing.

The Medallions are designed to be an encouraging voice in the community, affirming individuals whose outstanding work might otherwise remain unrecognised.

Recipients are presented with their Medallion on St Michael’s Day, the last Sunday in September of each year.

The Medallions are presented on a halter ribbon in The Colours of St Michael’s:

  • Red: Energy, Passion
  • Green: Growth, Life
  • Black: Strength in Adversity
  • Gold: triumph and Celebration

What is the St Michael’s Medallion

In the Biblical story Michael was given the task of overthrowing the dragon, the symbol of destructiveness and violence. The Medallions reflect the legend of St Michael: the prevention of violence, destructiveness and waste, and the promotion of lifestyles that reflect health and wholeness.

Recipients meet the following criteria:
1. People who have not been hitherto recognized by other Awards, unless there are strong and prevailing reasons to do so.
2. People who have done or are currently doing outstanding work (paid or voluntary) that clearly advance the causes of prevention of violence, destructiveness and waste, or its corollary that clearly promotes health and wellbeing and a better human society.
3. People from the spectrum of society. Each year, our committee has drawn from different communities, and it would be appropriate for the choice to reflect this. The medallions are awarded regardless of religious involvement or affiliation.
4. People who are willing to accept the medallion and who are able to be present on St Michael’s day to receive it.
5. People who, in being chosen, will evoke in all who hear of their achievements a strong affirmation that the choice was clearly a good one.


St Michael’s Medallion Recipients

1993 Vicki Fraser David Eldridge
1994 Peg Sitlington Alex Stitt
1995 Margaret Noone Brian Start
1996 Joe Camilleri Sue Nattrass
1997 Margaret Stevenson Robert Handby
1998 Doris Leung Ian Winn
1999 Nicole Rotaru Neil Roy
2000 Martin Phillips Pail Kill
2001 Cliff Tann Jennifer Ward
2002 Avni Sali Ian Gawler
2003 Caroline Lambert Kon Karapanagiotidis
2004 Marjorie Swale Akon Deng
2005 Muriel Porter Michael Morwood
2006 Prudence Davis Chris Wallace-Crabbe
2007 Jenny Cheng Jonathon Welch
2008 Ray Webb
2009 Seda Douglas Wendy Stamps-Marshall
2010 Beth Dun Peter Roberts
2011 Paul Hemsworth Helen McCracken
2012 Susie O’Neill Colin Emonson
2013 Penelope Allen Julian Savulescu
2014 Luz Restrepo Ric Holland
2015 Victorian Doctors Health Program Assistance Dogs Australia
2016 Sophie Murphy Lynette Kramer
2017 Jane Rowe