Letter to St Michael's Members | Council Elections 3 December 2023

Letter to St Michael's Members | Council Elections 3 December 2023

20 November 2023

Dear St Michael's Member 



The Church Council elections will be held in St Michael‚??s Uniting Church on Sunday¬†3 December 2023 commencing at 11.45am. There are up to six vacant positions available to be filled on the 2024 Council.¬† At the close of the nomination period, the following
members had been nominated for election:

  • Peter Anderson¬†
  • Laura Beckett¬†
  • Anthony Bendall¬†
  • John Coppock¬†
  • Ian Cox¬†

The following councillors will continue to serve on Council in 2024: 

  • Val Gill¬†
  • Jess Hand¬†
  • Catherine Jones¬†
  • Ann Kinnear¬†
  • Lyndell O'Brien¬†
  • Chris Phillips¬†
  • Brian Smith¬†
  • Lorraine Woolley¬†

The meeting will be held in the church immediately after morning tea. Members will need to have their name signed off on the church roll and to receive a ballot sheet. Voting will be by secret ballot. It should be noted that Uniting Church regulations do not allow for proxy voting. To be elected, those nominated need to receive fifty percent plus one votes of the number of members voting. 

Please find below the Nomination Statement of each nominee. At the meeting, the 

nominees will have an opportunity to speak briefly about their interest in serving on Council. While the votes are being counted there will be a presentation and discussion of the Council‚??s strategic directions and goals.

I encourage all those who are able to attend. 

‚?ćYours sincerely,

Maree McDonald

St Michael‚??s Uniting Church