Mingary Counselling Service




Counselling is available via in-person, via video link or telephone.

Vocational assessments are also being conducted remotely.

Make a booking: 1800 391 393 (free call) or email clinic@cairnmillar.org.au

Mingary-Cairnmillar Counselling Services provides free counselling and mental health services via in-person, phone or videoconference (MS Teams). It surprises many people how effective this form of counselling can be. Telephone sessions work very well, and video-link sessions allow you and your counsellor to see each other. 

These counselling sessions are a convenient way to access professional, confidential and low-cost psychological services that can be accessed from anywhere in Australia!

This service is staffed by provisional psychologists undertaking postgraduate studies and who work under experienced supervisors.
There is no restriction on the number of sessions clients can have, with low cost options for both treatment and assessment.

Children, Adolescents, Adults and Couples can be seen at the Service without a referral or mental health care plan.
This service may be particularly useful if an individual’s sessions under Medicare have expired or if they no longer wish to access Medicare.
In these cases, they do not need a referral from their GP.


Making an appointment

To make an appointment for counselling via telephone or video-link, please contact our reception team on 1800 391 393 (free call) or send an email to clinic@cairnmillar.org.au

The MS Teams application does not need to be installed. All you need is a device (phone, computer, iPad or other tablet) with an internet browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Microsoft Edge).

An email or text message will be sent to you by email or text prior to your appointment.
Attending the appointment is as simple as clicking on the link, which will admit you to a virtual waiting room. Your counsellor will then admit you to the appointment.

If you have not used MS Teams before and would like assistance, we are happy to talk you through the process over the telephone.
Our clients have confirmed that after doing this once, it’s very easy to connect again. Alternatively, we can always conduct the sessions over the phone.


Hours of Operation

The Mingary-Cairnmillar Counselling Service is open Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm.



If you are currently in crisis and need immediate assistance, please call Lifeline on 13 11 14.



Vocational Assessments are currently being conducted remotely.

We use state-of-the-art, comprehensive assessment tools that are completed online.

The Mingary-Cairnmillar Counselling Service provides low-cost vocational assessments for people aged 16 years and above. The assessment procedure is a collaborative process in which the counsellor works with you to identify your interests, natural abilities, values and personal qualities, to arrive at clear recommendations for future career directions.
This service is beneficial to those considering a new career, entering the workforce for the first time or re-entering employment. Others may be facing redundancy or early retirement, or they may be seeking support in forming a plan for their future career.


The assessment procedure

  1. Preliminary interview (50 minutes) by MS Teams or telephone.
    The preliminary interview focuses on your educational history, vocational history, aspirations, and reasons for requesting the assessment.
  2. Assessment of personality and interests (2 hours) conducted online.
    This step involves the completion of a series of written questionnaires (mainly multiple choice), in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you. The detailed reports generated from these assessments will enable us to recommend vocational options that are aligned with your personal values and interests.
  3. Feedback interview (50 minutes) by MS Teams or telephone.
    During this session, the counsellor provides verbal feedback regarding the results of the assessments. These results are discussed with you as part of the collaborative process.
  4. Final interview (50 minutes) by MS Teams or telephone.
    Prior to the final interview you will receive a detailed written report that includes a vocational profile and recommendations for pursuing different career options. This report will be discussed with you during the consultation.

Mingary-Cairnmillar Fees

Individual sessions – Free
Cognitive assessments – $220 inc GST
Vocational assessment – $110 inc GST

Please note, our assessment fees are not claimable from private health insurance or Medicare.
Fees are paid before each consultation.