Music on Sundays at St Michael’s

Music is an integral part of St Michael’s life.
Our Sunday gatherings include instrumental “Music for Contemplation” performed by Australian and international musicians at the invitation of Rhys Boak, Music Manager and Organist.
Music is part of the church’s life becaue we understand creativity is an integral aspect of being human. Music and other art forms nourish the human spirit.

If you cannot make it to an in-church service, we continue our Online Gatherings bringing  inspirational guest musicians into your home. These are available to view each Sunday afternoon.

A list of our wonderful guest musicians and their biographies can be downloaded here

Choral Singing at St Michael’s

A small professional ensemble of singers, known as the St Michael’s Singers has been formed to sing during special services throughout the year.
We currently enjoy the presence of a church cantor to lead our community in hymns.
Visiting choirs also enrich worship at St Michael’s. Visiting choirs have included the  Choir of Trinity College from the University of Melbourne, The Australian Chamber Choir, the Choir of the Scots’ Church Melbourne and The Consort of Melbourne.


Instrumental Music at St Michael’s

As has been the tradition at St Michael’s, a wide variety of musicians perform during our Sunday services.
In selecting guest artists, great attention has been paid to sourcing the highest quality performers from a wide variety of fields.

What can you expect from the music at St Michael’s? Listen with the links below.

Joe Chindamo and Zoe Black – Reverie (Joe Chindamo)

Georgia Wilkinson and Rhys Boak – ‘Ah se in ciel’ (Mozart)

Zoe Wallace and Rhys Boak – Adagio from the sonata for cello (Rachmaninoff)

Rose Riebl and Ceridwen McCooey – Even as the light fades (Riebl)

St Michael’s Lunchtime Organ Recitals

Unfortunately, the Lunchtime Organ Recital scheduled for Thursday, 1 June has been cancelled.
We look forward to seeing you Thursday, 8 June for a performance by guest organist Jennifer Chou.

Every Thursday, the church doors open and the Grand Organ comes to life with performances by St Michael’s organist, Rhys Boak, and guest artists.
These recitals bring the joy and beauty of live music to many Melbournians and visitors.

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Thursday Lunchtime Organ Recitals
When: Thursdays | 1:00pm – 1:30pm (doors open at 12:30pm)
Where: St Michael’s Uniting Church
Free entry

*Please note upcoming music may be subject to change.