Frequently Asked Questions


When can we get married?

The church is available for your wedding throughout the year.
Because this is an active church we ask that our couples respect that certain days and times will not be available, these include Sundays before 2.00 pm, Holy Week (the week immediately preceding Easter), Good Friday Easter Saturday, Easter Sunday, St Michael’s Week (late September), Christmas Day and public holidays.

It is important to reserve the church as early as possible to secure the date and time you require.
The advised booking period is at least eight weeks before the wedding. This gives you time to meet with the Marriage Minister and organise the necessary paperwork for your wedding.

Who gets married at St Michael’s?
People of all religions, sexual orientation, backgrounds and cultures. St Michael’s stands as a church inclusive and accepting of the world’s faiths and its people.

How do I book a wedding at St Michael’s?
It’s a surprisingly easy process!
First,  contact the office on 03 9654 5120 to check the availability of your preferred date and time.
If the date and time are available, the church is yours to reserve. You can confirm the booking with a $250 deposit. The deposit will be applied to the balance of the wedding fee. Please note the deposit is not refundable.

Can we use a Minister of our choice?
The policy of St Michael’s is that the marriage is to be performed by the Marriage Minister of St Michael’s.

I am divorced and from a different religious background to my fiancee. Can we still get married at St Michael’s?
Of course! St Michael’s policy is to marry couples, and accept various religious backgrounds and past marital experience.

Do you marry same sex couples?
Yes. We would love to be the venue of your choice.

Do I need to be baptised in order to be married at St Michael’s?
No. Though if you wish to be baptised, this can also be arranged on a separate occasion.

When can I come and see the church?
The church is open Monday to Friday from 10:30am to 1:30pm when ‘Week Day Tours’ operate. You may also want to come to Sunday Service at 10.00am or to our free organ recitals at 1.00pm on Thursdays. This provides a great opportunity to hear the organ. If these times are not convenient, you can call the office and arrange an appointment during office hours (Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm). Please call to confirm 03 9654 5120.

How many people can the church seat?
The church can seat up to 800 people. Our church is designed in a semicircular shape, gently sloped rather like a theatre. The semicircular and sloping design helps create an intimate atmosphere, where it does not matter if you have 5, 50 or 500 people attending your wedding service – whatever the number, it’s special.

Do I have to attend a relationship counselling course to be married at St Michael’s?
No, however the Marriage Minister is happy to discuss any issues that you are concerned about.

Can we have a rehearsal?
We recommend a rehearsal in the church the day before or a couple of days before the wedding. The Marriage Minister will run through the service with you and answer any last minute questions you might have.

Can we bring in pew decorations?
Yes. All decorations must be either tied to the pews or stuck with u-tack. No adhesives and no type of tape may be used. We also ask that someone is assigned to remove the decorations after the service. Please inform the office if you would like to bring in pew decorations.

Can we move any furniture in the church or bring in any furniture into the church?
No. All church furnishings are in their position for a good reason. Church furniture cannot be moved from their set places, nor can any other items of furniture be brought into the church.

Can we photograph and/or record a video of the service?
Photographers and video cameras are permitted. It is, however, important that the mood and integrity of the service is not disturbed or compromised. We ask that your photographer or video producer speak with the presiding Minister at least two days before the wedding service. The photographer or video producer may not move in front of the first row of the pews, and must keep clear of the centre aisle throughout the service.

Can we throw confetti into the church?
No, confetti is not to be thrown inside the church, at any time, regardless of the weather. Please ensure that this request is kept as cleaning is costly and time consuming. You may throw confetti on the church steps outside. The same policy exists for rose petals and glitter.


Wedding Music

Can we have a person (or people) sing at the wedding?

A singer or singers can add a special element to the service. Please contact the music manager if you would like a singer or singers. We have a select and approved list of singers that can suit your musical request.

What do we have to do about the music, hymns etc?

Please refer to this section of your wedding information booklet. All the music selection is explained for each part of the ceremony, and selection is made easy for you. If you wish to select music outside these guidelines, please contact your wedding coordinator. Your music selection must be approved and finalised six weeks prior to your wedding.



How do we arrange parking outside the church?

The Melbourne City Council is responsible for parking outside the church. Unfortunately St Michael’s has no jurisdiction.

Where can my guests park in the city?

Parking for a wedding at St Michael’s is like parking in any event in the city. There are many closely located commercial parking centres and meter parking in the street. We recommend advising guests to leave plenty of time for parking.