The Church

St Michael’s is a unique church in the heart of the city. Unique for our relevant, contemporary preaching that embraces inner wellbeing as our core message.

Sunday services include a mix of traditional and modern presentations. Inspirational music is integral, and most Sunday services include guest musicians, who perform in-between readings.

St Michael’s offers a wide variety of experiences for growth and change. It is a place which affirms and encourages the best expression of who you are and who you can be, not only through the Sunday service but numerous wellbeing programs and our commitment to counselling and psychotherapy.

We believe faith, spirituality and a meaning to life are vital ingredients for our health and wellbeing and that there is a need to get hold of a more authentic religious understanding and to express it more confidently and diversely.

Sunday services commence at 10 am.



What people are saying about St Michael’s

A really captivating, amazing service. The pieces of classical music were so well played too. – Anonymous

Always worth getting out of bed early to get to St Michael’s on time. – Patsy Worledge

[St Michael’s Manager of Music, Rhys Boak] has such sensitive and understanding of the music he plays. – Judith Morgan