St Michael’s Strategic Mission Plan


Strategic Mission Plan
2020 – 2024

Our Mission

St Michael’s is a vibrant, inclusive, hospitable and community focused city church, sharing a contemporary and progressive Christian theology embracing spirituality, the arts, wellbeing, justice and compassion.

Our Vision

St Michael’s vision is to be a nurturing and dynamic Christian spiritual community contributing to a world where each person and all creation can flourish and enjoy abundant life within the city of Melbourne and beyond.

Strategic Directions

The St Michael’s Community will –

  1. Express our community life through:• embodying our commitment to progressive theology, spirituality and music;
    • encouraging a culture that is caring, respectful and inclusive;
    • constructive and effective communication and decision making;
    • effective and sustainable management of property and resources to facilitate the church’s mission.
  2. Build partnerships that are aligned with the mission and vision of St Michael’s including:• theologically progressive groups;
    • the wider Uniting Church and other organisations working for social and ecological justice;
    • other civic and community groups.
  3. Be outwardly focused by:• meeting not only the needs of the current membership but also responding to people in the wider/global community;
    • drawing people into the life of the church through the practices of progressive faith, spirituality and hospitality;
    • connecting with a younger demographic;
    • supporting members of the community through a range of outreach services including a focus on mental health and well-being;
    • connecting and communicating with a wider audience using contemporary technology.

    Download St Michael’s Strategic Mission Plan here