Culture of Safety and Keeping Children Safe


St Michael’s adheres to the policies and procedures necessary to be recognised as a SAFE CHURCH for everyone.

We are guided by the Uniting Church, Synod of Victoria and Tasmania, Keeping Children Safe Policy. We document the standards of behaviour we expect from leaders, staff and volunteers and ensure people accept individual and shared responsibility for the safety of children in contact with the Church. We work to understand our risk areas and develop strategies which aim to prevent and mitigate risks to children and young people. In implementing Church Safe processes, St Michael’s complies with State and Federal laws.

Working with Children Checks are required for all ministers, staff, appointed leaders and volunteers.

Members of St Michael’s Council have signed the following Statement of Commitment.

“St Michael’s Uniting Church is committed to providing safe places where people are cared for, nurtured and sustained. We have adopted the Keeping Children Safe Statement of Commitment. Through it, we commit ourselves to the care, protection and safety of all people, particularly those who are vulnerable.”

We have appointed a Culture of Safety Contact Person, Val Gill, who is available if you have safety concerns.

Please contact Val:
Telephone: 03 9654 5120