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As part of our annual St Michael’s Week celebrations we are holding our first ever Art Competition.

As part of the 2015 St Michael’s Week celebrations, we held our first ever Art Competition.

Artists from around Australia were invited to enter competition with artworks that respond to the theme of this year’s St Michael’s Week, “Quietness”.

In order to find the winner three judges were assembled; Dr Coral Brown, Assistant Director at the Carinmillar Institute; Dr John Abbate, fine artists and writer; and Dr Lynette Kramer, Director of the Mingary Counselling Service.  

These three judges, from different backgrounds, which all connect to the ethos of St Michael’s, came together to confirm which artwork they believed linked strongest to the theme of “Quietness”.

  • A work they believe connects with the healing, restoration, inspiration, vision and empowerment that “Quietness” can provide.
  • The judges believe that this artwork draws the viewer in, inviting the viewer to pause and be quiet.
  • This artwork has a therapeutic aspect to it that could allow it to be used as a tool for mindfulness or meditation.
  • This artwork draws attention to the moments in our lives where we can stop and refocus in the quietness.
  • And a combination of strength and softness can been seen in the confidence of the marks made on the surface of the canvas.

Choosing the winner of the 2015 St Michael’s Art Competition was not an easy task; all the works in the exhibition are exceptional. The dedication and passion of each artist  can been seen in the construction of each and every artwork. However a winner must be chosen:

We are delighted to announce that the winner of the 2015 St Michael’s Art Competition is Christine Minter for her artwork entitled “Still”.



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