The Blue Series – Casey Freeman Exhibition


Casey Freeman 1

Join us for the opening celebrations of this inspiring new exhibition at St Michael’s Gallery.

Casey Freeman is a local Melbourne artist, wife and mother. She spends the mornings chasing toddlers and in the evenings transforms into an artist with blue stained fingertips.

Her ink paintings are an exploration of the colour blue as it appears in our natural surroundings. Depicting ocean currents, moody cloudscapes, and mountainous silhouettes, this exhibition features ambiguous forms that evoke a sense of simplicity and purity.

Casey feels that her ink washes develop a certain visual presence, which act as an invitation for self reflection.

St Michael’s Gallery
120 Collins Street, Melbourne
(Behind St Michael’s Church)

SUN 22 MAY 11.45AM – 1PM

Exhibition Dates
22 MAY – 19 JUNE