Erin is a Third Culture Kid, or TCK for short, raised in a culture outside of her parents’ homelands. She grew up in the Sultanate of Brunei on the island of Borneo with her American father and Irish/Australian mother. This international upbringing, surrounded by lush rainforest and traditional art practices, inspired her love of painting, printmaking and mountainous landscapes from around the world.

Mountains are sacred spaces for many cultures. They are meditative retreats, places of worship and revered as the closest point to the heavens and the stars. Erin’s artwork is a meditation on the mystery and magic of these sacred mountain spaces. 

For Erin, the act of creating these intricately patterned artworks is, in itself, a form of meditation. Pooling watercolour paint onto the surface of rough, absorbent paper, she uses traditional Taiwanese calligraphy brushes to create the shape and texture of her landscapes. The gentle blues, greens and pinks of the paint float underneath a delicate layer of mandala like patterns creating a cascade of flowing marks along the surface of each mountain side. 

Erin trained at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Fine Art Printmaking and Arts Management. She is now based in Melbourne, living with her husband out in the hills on the edge of the city.

Erin exhibits and sells her paintings and limited edition prints globally. 

Follow Erin on Instagram, @ekc_art, to see more of her work visit her website at


Opening Celebrations 11am, Sunday 12 February
Exhibition Dates: 12 February – 26 February
Exhibition Hours: 9am-5pm Monday to Friday and after Service on Sundays



Painting native flowers from Erin Katherine Cookson on Vimeo.