All Creatures Great and Small


 “All Creatures Great and Small” features works of art depicting animals created by local Melbourne artists. Beautiful paintings and prints by Nadine Dudek, Clare Dunstan, Sarah Hardy & Claire Turner.

Nadine Dudek

'Long-eared Owl' watercolour

‘Long-eared Owl’ watercolour

Born in Melbourne and growing up in Canberra, Nadine has a passion for wildlife art with a particular affinity for birds. Now based in Melbourne, Nadine continues to develop her fluid style using watercolour as her primary medium. Watercolour performs beautifully to capture the movement and freedom of the subjects she paints. For Nadine the most rewarding paintings are those with the fewest strokes, the minimalistic approach making her work immediately recognisable. In 2015 Nadine left her career as a research scientist to become a professional artist, a decision that has been rewarded with numerous successful solo exhibitions and award winning paintings.

Sarah Hardy from Popcorn Blue

Celebrated illustrator Sarah Hardy brings to PopcornBlue her whimsical imagery that stirs the imagination of adults and children alike. The dreamy prints unfold before your eyes with a whimsical sense of fun and fancy. Sold by over 45 stockists Australia-wide, the environmentally friendly PopcornBlue range includes high quality archival prints, cards, woodblock prints, screen printed cushions, books and original artworks.



Cherry Demir

Cherry Demir is a Melbourne based artist specialising in abstract paintings, concentrating on her particular love of nature and animals.
A self-taught artist, working predominantly in oils and acrylic paints she grew up in the picturesque town of Eltham. Her artistic aspirations and passion for art had to be put on hold for 15 years, during which she married, completed a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Arts Education, and had three children. Retiring as a secondary school teacher in 2010, and moving to a charmingly scenic acreage in Plenty, painting has now become her main passion.

Clare Dunstan

Living in a bushy suburb in North East Melbourne, Clare Dunstan works from her home surrounded by her family and a large variety of pets. These provide endless subject matter for her work. Specialising in watercolour interpretations of animals, Clare’s work is full of whimsical imagination. Inviting you into a world of fanciful characters, and beautiful stories. Its fluid quality and vibrancy suit the vintage charm of her creations.


Claire Turner

Claire Turner started drawing from a young age. Her love of realism and graphite pencil is evident in her stunning illustrations which take 20-40 hours to complete. After she completed a Bachelor of Graphic Design she started incorporating design skills to create greeting cards, journals and other items using my illustrations and designs. On weekends she runs a market stall and spends her free time creating new designs.